the ∞ SketchUp Wish List


hi box,

don’t know this feature
thnx for help.


it’s been years and years since Apple introduced Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse but we still have no support of these cool stuff in SketchUp. Please add these features in your software🙏🏼 it’s going to take work productivity to the next level


Meanwhile add a cheap 3 button scroll wheel mouse and quickly understand what 3d navigation is.


Check this:


I do a lot of my modelling on my laptop with the trackpad no problem. Do you mean you want to use it without keyboard shortcuts?


Yes, I mean multi-touch stuff like in Blender3D. Using keyboard shortcuts is a really uncomfortabe thing if we are talking about real MagicTrackpad potential


Deal with more polygons please
and sefaria too.

Maybe its time to switch to Vulkan
Sefaria should handle my original model

and they should update, modernize, the ui

Add revit, ArchiCad import


Both are proprietary file formats owned by their respective software companies. No third party application can import either, so you are limited to what intermediary format like .ifc they can export.