The perfect 2022 Setup for Sketchup 2022 + vray 5

Hello all :slight_smile:
I would like to upgrade my old lenovo y700 laptop (i7 6gen, 16gb RAM, SSD HD, GTX 960M 4 GB GDDR5) that was my trusted companion for many years.
I’ve been reading few articles and post on this forum but i failed to get right answers. Since my company (interior design) is extending and I am working with more complex models each day my old laptop is not enough in terms of performance. Thats why in 2022 I decided that its a good time to upgrade my setup so I would like to ask this forum for some recommendations.

“What is the best workstation to buy in early 2022”

Key points:

  • It does not matter Mac or Windows for me in terms of os
  • 99% of my work are interior designs - houses, flats, businesses
  • I use vray from time to time so it need to render some 3d visualizations
  • I would like to work with some 4k display (2 would be ideal)
  • I like to visit client on site and make some changes on the spot

I consider following scenarios:

  • new macbook with M1Pro 16 inch + rendering in vray cloud - but i am not sure is it worth it… for sure they will keep improving and since the ipad app is around the corner i think the m1 support will be there eventually. But I don’t know how vray will work.
  • Desktop PC - power house with monitors and tablet for meetings
  • Powerful Windows Laptop - trying to kill two birds with one stone

If there is any good soul on this forum that is struggling or was struggling with similar issues and can recommend: Desktop setup or laptop with Windows or can share some insights about working with new macs
MJ (sorry for my english)

Here as an alternative to a workstation, some notebooks to orient yourself.
For me never more PC.
Are flexible and can connect 2 monitors with DisplayPort
Graphics card that has at least 4GB of VRAM, ideally though 8GB+
I recommend RTX 3060 has 12GB VRAM and with min. 32 GB Ram