The new M1 processor!

A quick SketchUp 2021 test on a Apple Macbook Air M1…


Thanks for this. Can you do a test in Layout? Especially refreshing updated model links? Maybe on a page that has a number of separate links?

Wow, this teems smooth indeed, much better than what I thought! It appears very usable. Do you have a very complex model with a lot of textures to see if SU Pro 2021 can really handle it?

Certainly seems slick! What are the model info statistics on that model?

Let us know how it goes please.

More testing will be for an other time. This is not my working computer but my daughter’s new laptop which I borrowed just to do some testing with SketchUp in combination with the new Apple silicon M1.

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I can’t get beyond the license term screen on my new M1 Mac mini with SKU2021

What happens when you click the checkbox and then Continue?

OK Its running now thanks for all the help

I will play with it bait

Has anyone tested the Space Mouse? Does that work on the M1?

I have an A12Z Mac mini, which was the development version that was later improved to be the M1 Mac mini. There are a number of things that do not work in my one, that do work in the shipping M1 machines.

Even so, the Space Mouse does work on the mini that I have.

Thanks, Colin!

I was wondering if there was any other feedback from new M1 mac users as I am getting more and more curious to update my old machine with a new 13"inch mac book pro…

please expand on this comment. SketchUp M1 compatibility is going to be very important going forward.

The M1 version is looking very hopeful, and it doesn’t have the problems that were in the prototype that I have.

It’s already “compatible” in that you can run sketchup in it using Rosetta and it’s still very quick. When it is written in native code it will be even quicker.

This is off topic in a way, but one of my Adobe related contacts made a video where he did very demanding things in Photoshop, and timed them on the highest end 16 inch MacBook Pro, and on the lowest end 13 inch MacBook Pro M1, native and Rosetta 2. It gives a sense of how fast the machine is, even in Rosetta 2.

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What we know so far (correct me if I’m wrong):

  • Sketchup and Layout only use a Single Core.
  • The single core performance of the new M1 Macs is better than any other computer on the market (both desktop and laptop) even outperforming AMD Ryzen 9 5900x
  • Under Rosetta 2 x86 coded programmes generally run at 78% efficiency.
  • Even under emulation the new M1 Macs are faster single-core than any other Mac.

Ergo, the new M1 Macs are the fastest Macs currently available for Sketchup/Layout even with emulation. When (If) sketchup builds a native version to run on M1, the new M1 computers will be the fastest computers available to run Sketchup/Layout period (PC or Mac). That is astonishing.

Disclaimer: Rendering is a different kettle of fish but the multicore performance aint half-bad either.


You’re correct except we need realworld benchmarks to demonstrate the comparitive performance in applications.

@colin There’s never been a better time for Trimble to make a useful SketchUp performance benchmark available to us…

Can you please ask the devs which is currently the best benchmark to reflect SKP CPU performance?
Would it be 3DMark Timespy/Timespy Extreme?

fwiw I just ordered a new machine today (zen3) and a lot of people will be doing black friday/ christmas/new years upgrades coinciding with current gen rtx, zen3, m1 , big navi, etc.

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I have only done the rotating 3D model test, and that did quite well. If you want to tell me something to try in SketchUp or LayOut, I can try the same test on my Intel based MacBook Pro, and on the developer Apple Silicon machine.

The M1 chip is likely to do better than the A12Z chip that I have. A couple of people have M1 machines, I can see if they want to give it a try as well.