The new M1 processor!

The issue isn’t a Mini, the issue is the M1 processor… nobody has one yet so there is no practical experience available for us to fall back on.

I am trying to get some guidelines about what level of detail I can post on M1 related topics. As soon as I get a go-ahead, I have a lot I to talk about.

Without that go-ahead I will take a chance, and say that it’s going to be some number of weeks before anyone on a release version of SketchUp will be able to run it on the new machines. If you preordered and are excited to try, I hope you didn’t sell your old computer.

Edit: I am happy to have been wrong this time. That happens occasionally, I think I was wrong one time in 1971 as well. But I digress…

Several important features in SketchUp do not work in the development Mac mini, that used an A12Z processor. Other programs affected included Edge and Chrome v86 and earlier. You can imagine it would be a big issue if Microsoft and Google were in the list of companies that didn’t support the new machines!

Fortunately, Apple made a change in the hardware, so that the M1 machines work around the issue that these programs had with the A12Z chip. So, all is good, SketchUp seems to work well on the new machines.

VWWare Fusion can run a Bootcamp partition but it doesn’t need one. You can run virtually any operating system in VMWare (including old OSX installs) inside OSX. Bootcamp just gives OSX users the ability to dual-boot without additional software.

I would wager VMWare will have virtualization ready for the new chip when the new Macs that have them come.

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And based on competition, Parallels should be doing the same.

Affinity already ported all their apps to work on it. I was under the impression Apple was distributing the Mini for developers months ago for the very purpose of giving them time for practical experience. That’s how many developers were able to have their software ready at launch or soon after.

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Without the additional software layer the dual boot system with boot camp is not emulating anything. It has direct hardware access. For example a VMware virtual machine in OS X has critical gpu features unavailable that would be there in a boot camp boot.

As backing for that statement, there was an interval during which SketchUp would not run on the Parallels VM because they didn’t adequately support the required OpenGL version. In general, an OS running on a VM does not have direct access to the hardware unless the host OS explicitly supports it.

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That’s true of any virtual machine…

Apple said it’s going to be a 2 years transition, before mid 2022 I’m sure we will have SketchUp for Apple Silicon and for Windows 10 ARM. We are Just in the beginning…

Yes I know. You implied otherwise.

Two year transition until all their macs are using only their processors. The transition to native apps has already begun. Most creative apps will be done in the next few months if they aren’t already completed.

Suppose I did. My main point is it’s not a big deal and things will work out. I should have been more clear.

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Further to this Geekbench 5 reports the M1 running x86 applications (single core ie sketchup and most CAD applications) with rosetta 2 emulator is still faster than every other Mac (including Mac Pro). See link:

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From a Pro Tools forum which appears encouraging…

In another publicly available document from Apple Porting Your macOS Apps to Apple Silicon, which covers how to create a version of your macOS app that runs on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers, in the Update GPU-Specific Code section our developer is surprised to see that Apple has not killed OpenGL on Apple Silicon. They speculate that Apple will eventually kill OpenGL when it sees sufficient migration away from it but for now, they seem to be giving it a bit longer. Why this matters is that this will help lots of audio plugins and DAWs that are have not been ported to over to Metal yet for their high-performance graphics.

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I expect a delivery of a macbook air M1 (for my daughter) today. My first test will be… SketchUp!


Cool! What do you have to compare against for SketchUp/Layout performance?

MacBook pro 16" 2.3 GHz 8 core Core i9


With eGPU?

SketchUp 2021 is working on a MacBook Air M1
First test was smooth. I try to do some comparing speed tests tomorrow.


If Sketchup can be ported easily to Apple’s proprietary architecture as @guy suggests, that’s great. Otherwise, it would be a lot of energy to spend on account of a marginal PC brand that seems intent on distancing itself from the mainstream just because it can.