The masks are done thanks to you guys

Ok, i IFNALLY was able to figure out curvi loft, JPP, and bz spline to create a really nice mask. I did a couple of different versions thanks to all of you guys on the forums for helping me. It really does take a village haha

anyway, here are some screenshots. Ill be adding some finishing touches soon

thanks for ALL the help. I learned alot more about the design process and how SU works with this. I will be using this for a micro biology internship. Monday, i will be taking SEM images of the 3d printed mask and other parts i have made. Yesterday i cultured the top 10 most common and dangerous bacteria in some broth and on petri dishes. I also cultured some viruses as well:) One fun fact, the smallest host cell a virus can successfully invade and adequately use to replicate itself and infect humans is 0.4 microns. Anything smaller, and the virus does not have enough organs, energy, and resources available to it via the host cell to successfully replicate.

My thesis is on how far bacteria can grow into thermo plastics, and how well basic soap and water, that we have used for over 200 hundred years, actually cleans. turns out soap and water cleans VERY well and can get into pores as small as 0.1 microns easily due to surface tension.

thanks for reading and helping me out:)