The largest nuclear explosion ever detonated is so big it was hard for me to comprehend... Until now

I was trying to explain to my son just how big an explosion like this was and found that it was hard to grasp without being able to move around it.

Add your own house and be amazed!

tsar bomba nuke.skp (9.1 MB)

I shrank the location. and removed my house… added some labels.

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I would put a like but it kind of seems inappropriate…


It was more than 60 years ago and the distance to Finnish Lapland was about 1000 kilometers. Local people still score higher levels of cesium and some types of cancer than other Finns. It was also seen, heard, and felt there.

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I had no idea who that woman was, and I really thought she was serious.
Then I watched some of her other stuff. Her video on “time” is pretty interesting,

“you know when, uhm, you store time, on a clock─
how do you get it back out again . . .”

Did you hear it?

No. I was a kid, and I lived, and still live, on the south coast, more than another 1000 km away. Ours is a large country, almost as big as Germany, with a small population.

As an aside, I just noticed that our country has peacefully gained about 1500 square kilometers since I went to school. Tectonic uplift, we are still recovering from the Ice age.

there is reality despite the script