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2D Export to native SketchUp format, PLEASE! As an architect, one of the more powerful features of SketchUp is to work back and forth between 2D and 3D. I start with a 2D plan drawn on the ground in SketchUp and build my model on top of it. I then export information to 2D to draw overlays and then back to 3D with the DRAPE tool. This is great for adding information to a site model from a 2D plan. However, I currently export 2D information from SketchUp through the File:Export:2D graphic to DWG and then import the DWG back into my file. Why can’t I just extract 2D flat planar information as a native tool or .skp file? Similar to a write block in AutoCad. For example, I can do an overhead view of my model to create a 2D roof plan. Why would I do that? To make modifications or markups prior to remodeling. Another example: Creating a 2D elevation of a building from the model to extract information for construction documents, windows for example, again without modifying the model. Creating a section view with information beyond the section cut is another example. In creating construction documents in layout from my 3D model it is often easier to manipulate a 2D drawing without adjusting my model. It just seems silly that I need to export to a non-native format, then re-import to make this happen. A snapshot view of the 3D model that creates 2D linework is what I’m after. Thanks!

I agree! Not only are they clunky, garish and cheap, but I can no longer find the right tool. All the tools are the same color, so you have to carefully examine the shapes to find the right tool. I get why you would want cross-platform compatibility, but you should of stuck with the windows version and made the IPad version match the windows version. This is a really bad “Improvement”, opinion from a long time SketchUp user. I really want my 2023.0 version back!

Wholeheartedly agree. Give me back 2023.0 as this just doesn’t work. Hunting for the icon has slowed my production way down. Plus, it appears that 2023.1 has a couple of new issues in it. Anyway, don’t think they tested the new workspace design with the market and users before just going off and making these changes. Sad, but this seems to be the new normal.


I, personally find the new icons great ! It has of course slowed a bit my workflow, but overall, shortcuts are the same… So…

Getting used to flip…
Getting used to snaps…
Getting used to icons…
… inferencing…
…and practically anything else…

TAKES TIME ! But, not that much and it ends up augmenting thee time you SAVE !

A new pair of shoes doesn’t feel like old ones… it doesn’t mean they’re not comfortable !

Oh… I would love if it was possible to set the planes of flip to the axes of the group/component when pressing one of the modifier keys… maybe “Shift” !

I would like the section tool to be a 3-dimensional object. There are so many times when I need the section to go up or down in certain areas to pick up transom windows or garage door openings or things that are just not in the same plane as most things.

As it stands, section planes go as far as the geometry exists in two planes, and it cuts into the third plane. Moving the plane up and down would not make a difference if the plane is cutting forward and backward.

You can put a section plane into a group or component. Then you could have the global scene cut by one section plane, and a component cut further into the component by a separate section plane that is inside the component.

Give us a typical PDF print interface

Hello Sketchup Team,

I am a long-time user of Sketchup. Since 2007 I have been using the software on PC. It has been a key part of my software tool chain and design process many years. So, thank you for making a good product and improving over time.

Over that time, I have developed a set of keyboard shortcuts which are essential to my efficiency while modeling in the Sketchup environment.

I am writing to you because my company has encouraged me to switch to iOS and use Sketchup for iPad with the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. To my dismay the option to assign keyboard shortcuts in the Preferences menu is not available, or I have failed to find it!

That said, I found that pressing and holding cmd button on the Magic Keyboard calls up the assigned default keyboard shortcuts. Though I preferred Shift-T to call the top-view, I am willing to relearn cmd+1 for the same function.

Feature Request #1
Integrating customizable keyboard shortcuts. Or alternatively, the library of default shortcuts could be expanded? Here are a handful of shortcuts I would like to assign:

Command (keybinding)

  1. Parallel Perspective (toggle on/off with cmd+P)
  2. X-Ray view (toggle on/off with X)
  3. Follow-me (cmd+F)
  4. Flip (Shift+cmd+F)
  5. Dimension (cmd+D)
  6. Protractor ( / )
  7. Intersect faces (cmd+I)
  8. Rotated Rectangle (cmd+R)
  9. Pie-arc (Shift+A)

I could go on. This list is not comprehensive.

I have seen a few previous requests from other customers who would appreciate the ability to assign their own shortcuts in Sketchup for iPad.

Feature Request # 2
Improving the Rotate Tool: when placing the point of rotation, Sketchup for iPad does not allow me to define the axis of rotation along a vector. It wants to snap to one of the primary axes (Green, Red, Blue). Though I have enjoyed the ability to select an axis to lock for rotation, often my desired axis of rotation is not parallel with the primary axes.

The desktop version allows you to define the rotational axis by clicking and dragging along a vector. I would really like to see this incorporated in a future release. It saves the hassle of re-orienting the object such that the desired rotational axis is parallel with a primary axis.

Feature Request #3
Assign Component Origin: When making a new component in Sketchup for iPad the origin of the object is not assignable. I would like to have the ability to place the origin when making a component.

Feature Request #4
Improve Save Button: I would like the option to name my Sketchup file when I press the save button. Presently, pressing the save button automatically saves the file as “Untitled” and requires renaming in the home menu.

Thank you for your consideration.

I know “Add Snap” is still in beta on the iPad version of SU. I am having trouble using the tool. Here is a suggestion:
I have a suggestion for the function of the iPad “Add Snap” tool. Perhaps a simple check mark and delete button can be added to the tool after the snap is placed/adjusted/edited. See photo.

I’d like to add my request for a toolbar icon for the “Save” command. This would be much easier than having to put my mouse down and use the keyboard every time I want to save something, which I try to do very often.
Thank you.

You can do a file>save with your mouse… just 1 click more than clicking on an icon.