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Actually a text option in Layout should be to CHANGE CASE of text… as I agree it is common to use all Upper Case in drawings… currently I have to cut my text, paste in powerpoint , change case, repaste into Layoout

I would really love the option to create a new tag on the fly in the entity info window or maybe an option in the right-click context menu!

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Split screen request. I would LOVE to see an option where you can split the workspace into two vertical or horizontal windows. Each would be it’s own scene. This way, I can work on an elevation view while seeing how my changes are affecting the cross-section in real time. This would make modeling so much faster IMHO.

My feature request is for SketchUp Pro Desktop to work like SketchUp for iOS (iPad or iPhone) when my PC is in Tablet mode. I have a Surface Laptop Studio and when the screen is flipped to Tablet mode, I was expecting to be able to navigate the model with my fingers using pinch-zoom, and one-finger orbit. It is nearly impossible to navigate the model otherwise when in tablet mode without a keyboard and mouse (cumbersome at best). Even when not in tablet mode, it would be very useful to utilize the touch screen to pinch-zoom and one-finger orbit. Has anyone else run into this issue?
Alternately, a separate application/viewer for PC tablet would be useful for when I take my Tablet PC and SketchUp model to the jobsite in lieu of having the ‘mobile’ functionality included with the desktop version.

Pease add support for Apple Vision Pro

Some Apple Vision Pro things will come for free, without any work from us. See this post I made:

An improved window and tool bar management system would be great. I move to different monitor setups all the time and the toolbars get thrown the different monitors and it takes quite a bit of time to reorganize everything. Can we get a application frame similar to the Windows version for the Mac version? Or at least better snapping and movement support for the tool bars so that they don’d snap apart when moving them from one monitor to another?

Super simple feature request: Please add rename to a keyboard shortcut!

Rename isn’t possible to be assigned to a keyboard shortcut. In Windows, and many other 3d modelling tools, rename is F2 by default. Having a keyboard shortcut can be very helpful for quickly labelling lots of parts of a model.

Even if it’s not assigned by default, having the option to assign a keyboard shortcut to rename would be very helpful.

Adding onto this, a rename definition button/keyboard shortcut or an option in preferences to change rename to default to definitions rather than instances would be appreciated.

Kindly reposting from November 2023:

Feature Request #1
Integrating customizable keyboard shortcuts. Or alternatively, the library of default shortcuts could be expanded? Here are a handful of shortcuts I would like to assign:

Command (keybinding)

  1. Parallel Perspective (toggle on/off with cmd+P)
  2. X-Ray view (toggle on/off with X)
  3. Follow-me (cmd+F)
  4. Flip (Shift+cmd+F)
  5. Dimension (cmd+D)
  6. Protractor ( / )
  7. Intersect faces (cmd+I)
  8. Rotated Rectangle (cmd+R)
  9. Pie-arc (Shift+A)

I could go on. This list is not comprehensive.

I have seen a few previous requests from other customers who would appreciate the ability to assign their own shortcuts in Sketchup for iPad.

Feature Request # 2
Improving the Rotate Tool: when placing the point of rotation, Sketchup for iPad does not allow me to define the axis of rotation along a vector. It wants to snap to one of the primary axes (Green, Red, Blue). Though I have enjoyed the ability to select an axis to lock for rotation, often my desired axis of rotation is not parallel with the primary axes.

The desktop version allows you to define the rotational axis by clicking and dragging along a vector. I would really like to see this incorporated in a future release. It saves the hassle of re-orienting the object such that the desired rotational axis is parallel with a primary axis.

Feature Request #3
Assign Component Origin: When making a new component in Sketchup for iPad the origin of the object is not assignable. I would like to have the ability to place the origin when making a component.

Feature Request #4
Improve Save Button: I would like the option to name my Sketchup file when I press the save button. Presently, pressing the save button automatically saves the file as “Untitled” and requires renaming in the home menu.

Thank you for your consideration.

Feature request: A toggle in document settings or model info to automatically purge model upon save and close. I am already in the habit of purging my model but would love it this feature came to the masses, especially for those not knowing that is a thing, like newbies. The file size savings on the 3D Warehouse alone would be huge and could save SketchUp a lot on data server costs.

Alternatively: The option to purge model upon import from the 3D Warehouse. It could look something like: “Load directly into model?” “Yes”, “Yes and purge upon import” “No” “Cancel”

Feature request: A dedicated copy command, so I stop moving the thing I want to copy… Keep the copy option on move but add a new command. Also, this would stop such a bad habit of trying to do this same thing in other software…

Feature request: Cloud based key bindings…Please! Pretty please…

Feature request: A visibility option for only showing/hiding the parent component when you are editing a nested component.

Feature request: I wish that when I intersect a plane with my model that it would create unique areas that I could push pull or color differently without having to draw a million lines to create those areas. No idea why this is a thing…I swear this used to work a lot better in an older version.

Feature request: Allow for options when orbiting like to change to perspective view automatically and disable shadows.

Feature request: Add camera collision option that would adjust field of view instead of breaking thru geometry.

Ones that I know will never happen…

Feature dream: I wish for reflections in materials…Have a global on off switch too like shadows.

Feature dream: I wish for emissive materials that cast light and shadows…

Feature Request: Infinite Guides placed inside groups/components show up only when the said group/component is accessed. Possible toggle setting in the menu.Works on the basis of on demand, meaning you can decide how you like it to function through the menu settings.

Case Scenario: Currently working on a product modelling/visualisation for a monitor mount with a rather complex shape.

Guides quickly clutter the scene and it made me realize I would like to have some guides show only when I access certain groups within the object I’m modelling. That is useful when your created infinite guides concern only a certian part of your 3D object and have nothing to do with the rest of your model.

This functions sort of like a reversed-Hide Rest of Model.
If you can hide rest of your model while inside a group/component, the infinite guides placed inside groups are already hidden unless you access the group.

Couple of feature requests for Layout. Some I’ve mentioned in the past but still not on their ‘like’ list I guess.

  1. I’d like to see an Annotation layer added to Layout with a default (editable) setting wherby if you choose any of the text tools (Text, Labels, Dimensions) - it automatically makes that the ‘Active layer’. Perhaps add a ‘tick’ box in the text settings if you don’t wish this to be the case (or under document settings). Ideally, there would be separate ones for 'Graphics (Linework, shapes) and Dimensions. I already make my own layers and on occasion remember to set them active prior to adding text etc to my dwgs but this could compensate for my incompetence and save me having to go back after to choose all those elements to then add to the correct layer. (I currently just use Annotation + Graphics with Annotation as the top layer in the stack and both text and dims assigned to it)
  2. A ‘Rounding’ factor added to the dimension tool. If you could set the dimension tool to round the number to the nearest 5 or 10mm - this would greatly improve workflows especially when dimensioning complex or curved models. Ask anyone the greatest drawback to doing their documentation in Layout…it’s the dimensioning tool. Graphics / line work / scrapbooks etc are all great and easily rival if not beat outright the likes of Revit/Archicad.

I set up a hide / show guides keyboard shortcut. (I use Shift + G) to toggle on/off the guides when I need them. Also have Ctrl + E to erase all guides if I want to get rid of them.

For your parent component visability option - I have made a keyboard shortcut to toggle on/off component - hide rest of model (I use Ctrl + H)
I have also made a keyboard shortcut to toggle between perspective and parallel projection ( I use Alt + V …(alternative view was my thinking at the time). I’m sure you could create a shadows on/off shortcut also.

I own a couple of rendering programs that are a few years old and I can only import files from skp 2019 or older. The programs are a few thousand dollars to purchase and they work just fine. This was not an issue until skp 2024. I would like to see backwards saving as a default feature again. If not as a save as at least export as a previous version of skp.