The extent of Sketchup's possibilities?


I’ve seen modern houses and buildings made in Sketchup, but are there any high quality science fiction structures, fortresses, etc., like you would find in Star Wars?

I have a hard time finding any.


Do a Google image search with terms such as ‘SketchUp Star Wars’. You’ll find lots of high quality SketchUp work shown.


You can take a look here:

There used to be some excellent work by another member, however he used to post images on the SketchUcation forum using a link from photobucket; it’s some time later now and there seems to be a problem with the hosting of the images, as such only some links to external sources may be useful, if you have the time…


So, that would be a no then.
I couldn’t find a single SF structure/environment.
You do realize that copypasted SW vehicles are not buildings?

Also, this is not a useful image, which was 90% of content of all the links you’ve provided-


What is it you are really looking for? Free science fiction models you can use in SketchUp?

As for the Photobucket thing, Julian mentioned that some images wouldn’t be available due to Photobucket’s change or services which requires its users to pay for the ability to do third party sharing. That’s not Julian’s fault nor is it the fault of Sketchucation.


Take a look at this. Might be of interest in the realms of what you’re looking for.


That reminds me.

I see that a lot of people are using SketchUp in combination with Unreal Engine 4, either as a renderer, polisher or builder.

At what point can Unreal Engine 4 take on all the functionality of Sketchup?


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