The easy stuff always gets me! Imprint visuals onto a Terrain

Hey guys, Thanks for the help ahead of time.
I have read the “Similar Topics” although other than projecting images onto the lower layer I haven’t found the answer I am looking for.

My mind is just going blank, I can’t remember how to imprint a visual GE map onto a Terrain.

IE lower layer = Terrain / upper layer is a Google Earth -geo-location map.

offtopic- wife is about to pop with our third so no need to tell me I am missing the basics :slight_smile:

It looks like the image and the geometry below it are not the same size so that’s going to be a problem. Make them the same size, explode the image so the image becomes a texture, and project it onto the terrain.

Is the image really from Google Earth? If so, you ought to read their terms of use. It prohibits this sort of usage.

And congrats to you and your wife on your new bundle of joy.

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Thanks Dave,

The above is larger although to scale of the GNSS terrain data. Meaning, that the excess will hopefully just fall away.

This isn’t the final, I have cloud points from a UAV of a valley that I would like to overlay photos onto, this is more practice and example.

As for usage, I read into it and with this being Personal/Internal only and not for resale or contract use I think i’m on the fine line of there lawyers writing.

OK. I couldn’t tell from your screen shot. So assuming the image and terrain are properly aligned, explode and project should work and the rest of the texture will vaporize in the process. :smiley:

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Thanks brother, just got past the hump and got her done. I will try this process with the UAV data, I knew I was missing something simple.

Time for me to go back over the basics again…

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