* * * The da Vinci Butterfly * * *

Little is known about Leonardo da Vinci’s early childhood, but he described how he once discovered a cave while exploring in the mountains. He was terrified that some great monster might lurk there but was driven by curiosity to find out what was inside. Until now, no one has ever known what he might have encountered.

The da Vinci Butterfly (an orphan chapter of The Chaos Trilogy) tells the true story behind da Vinci’s discovery of the cave and how the experience forever changed his life (and that of mankind as well).

At 2,500 words, it’s a short read. From today through Tuesday (4/23), it’s FREE in Kindle format. Take advantage of this offer to learn how Leonardo da Vinci became a true Renaissance Man and forever changed the course of history.

I’m in the US this week (but resident in England).

When I click on the link to Amazon.com from my phone I see “This title is not currently available for purchase”, and can’t download it

Is it because I’m not a US resident? Or because I’m not using a Kindle device?

I tried entering my son’s US address, but still no go.

It is available in the UK too:


But it is just Kindle format. You could download it using the Kindle mobile app.

Thank. I’ll try that.

Somehow, it’s managed to download from my phone, though I’m not quite sure how! Anyway, it’s now visible in my Kindle app.

I’m sorry you had so much trouble … it’ll probably take you less time to read it than it took to get it :wink: