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I’ve added The Chaos Trilogy to my list of books that are available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Starting Monday, March 25, FREE Kindle copies will be available and will continue until Friday (March 29). Please take advantage of this opportunity to read the entire Trilogy for FREE!

The Chaos Trilogy is a story about the past, present, and future of humanity as it struggles to rise above its natural proclivity for self-destruction. From the dawn of the Sumerian Empire to the sunset of the Shoomaran Empire, it is the chronicle of how it finally succeeds.

The Chaos Machine

“Great sci-fi stand alone novel with a proper ending” (Amazon Reader)

When the crew of an alien freighter find themselves stranded on Earth in 5342 BC, they learn that the native inhabitants are destined to die out in only a thousand years. Aided by a machine that can foretell the future, they are able to make minor changes from time-to-time in order to keep mankind on the path to survival. However, in spite of all of their efforts, the clock will finally run out for everyone in less than a year from now. Unable to find a solution on their own, they turn to those that they have watched over for more than seven millennia. But will the humans be able to find a way to save the solar system from annihilation?

Second Contact

“I’d like to live in that universe.” (Amazon Reader)

When aliens from different parts of the Universe encounter each other in 5342 AB, old friendships are renewed and new friendships begin as 19-year-old Cassiopeia upends the ancient Shoomaran Empire. And when she’s done, nothing in the Universe will ever be the same again.

Mankind 2.0

“Mr. Hamilton’s universe delivers satisfying closure.” (Amazon Reader)

When a solar super-storm hits the Earth, the end of the world as we know it becomes a new beginning for mankind. A society in which life is much better for everyone thanks to The ACME Corporation . But is it enough to ensure mankind’s long-term survival?

While The Chaos Trilogy is a complete work, in and of itself, there are several additional novels involving some of the same characters:

Colony Ship New Hope: New Haven or Bust, Goddess of the Gillani, and The Race at Valli Ha’i

If you like pulse-pounding carnage, sex, and gore, then this is definitely not for you.

On the other hand, if you like light-hearted Sci-Fi that resolves conflict and political situations with ingenuity instead of violence, you will like The Chaos Trilogy and its related works.

Thanks for reading and Happy Landings!

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Starting today, the electronic version of my Chaos Trilogy is available for FREE! If you enjoy Heinlein or Asimov with a liberal dose of Douglas Adams, you’ll enjoy this tale of our Past, Present, and Future! Grab one before they’re all gone! :sunglasses:

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