The Chaos Series

As some of you are probably already aware, one of my hobbies is writing. Over the past three years, I’ve published thirteen fictional works, the most recent being After the Fall. Ten of these works are overlapping and interwoven tales that span 4,000,000 years and cover 2/3 of the Universe. With the completion of the tenth tale, I’ve decided that my story has come full circle and the series is finished (mostly because my wife pointed out that there wasn’t really much more that I could say about things).

Writing is fun :slight_smile:

BTW, if anyone is interested in how to publish a book on Amazon with zero cost, I’ll be happy to explain.


As part of my Black Friday / Cyber Monday massive giveaway, all 10 books of my Chaos Series are available for FREE in Kindle format. While you can obviously use your Kindle to read them, you can also read them on your computer or phone with Amazon’s reader apps.

Did I mention that they are FREE? [click here]

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