Thank You SketchUp


Hi folks. I was planning this topic since the beginning and here we are. I wanted to express my immense gratitude towards every single person from SketchUp, everyone from the development department, tech support, administrative department, everyone! :blush:

Yesterday was my diploma/thesis defense day. I’ve finally graduated from my university and I got high marks from the jury and examination team! Without SketchUp I wouldn’t be who I am today, so thank you all for your hard work and support. Thank you for building this amazing software, thank you for developing it day by day and perfecting it!

I got 17/20, in other terms 85% out of 100. My project was marked the highest among other students yesterday. Here are some pictures from my project. The area was 22.500 square meters (sorry, I got weird numbers when trying to convert it to imperial, so I’m not entirely sure how much it is in feet). I didn’t render the 3D unfortunately, because of my slow notebook. There are 5.000.000 polygons. (Maybe one day in the future, hehe!)

The park is the Grand Avenue Park in Yerevan, Armenia. It is deserted at the moment so I took this opportunity and chose it as my final project. It’s a renovation suggestion of the entire park. I was later told that the juries liked this project the most and the only reason I didn’t get 20 was because of the presentation boards. The computer (and LayOut) was lagging so badly, that I couldn’t make them as I originally intended, but that’s ok.

Thank you again for SketchUp! Keep up the good work! :blush: Cheers to all. See you around! :thumbsup:
And also, a small, Harry Potter - related pun regarding the students getting a degree: “Master has given Dobby a diploma. Master has presented Dobby with a degree. Dobby is FREE!” :smile:


Old Technology = Poor Perfomance


Great work, and definitely worth high marks. Welcome to the non-student, hard-working-world :smiley:

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Congratulations Dobby!

Very nice work indeed.



Thanks a lot Joseph! :blush:



Thank you too, Dave! :blush:



Congratulations! Great job! Glad to hear that SU participated but it is your effort and talent that provided your success. In the words of Thulsa Doom “… What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?”

Keep up the great wielding


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Thank you very much for your kind words @ChrisDizon! I liked that quote a lot, never heard it before. That’s some wise words. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:



Congratulations Vahe! Great Work!

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Thank you! :innocent:



I was going to say, “Great job!” but after @ChrisDizon s post, I feel like I need to add a little something special, so…

Nice work!

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Thank you Aaron! That picture basically sums up what I was doing the whole time after I stepped out of uni. :smile:



Stunning work, Vahe! Send us an email at so we can discuss further the beautiful work you have created.

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@ChrisDizon in your context this is the precursor to the words ‘Crucify Him’ which translates in our time as "Now go and be an intern!’

Congrats and always be true to your own vision.



Thank you @Box! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:



Vahé - Congratulations on the “freedom” from classwork and homework assignments! Now, you can look forward to the “freedom” of gainful employment and client assignments! You are going to shine, whatever you do. Not only is your presentation impressive and thoughtful, but your effort and enthusiasm in your project and in your letter to us is unmistakable and alludes to incredible things for you. Keep us posted on your progress!
Lisanne &
Your friends at SketchUp



@Lisanne, thank you for your compliments. That means a lot to me as a SketchUp user. Now that I’m finally free of univ projects and most importantly those pesky deadlines, I’ll continue my projects which I left out. And I’ll make sure to keep contributing to the Community even more. Thank you! :blush:



Well Dobby (Vahé), you found an excellent tool (SketchUp) to work with. And as we can all see, you applied it in a exceptional way to create this stunningly beautiful masterpiece. Thank you for sharing and congratulations with your well earned graduation.

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SketchUp in the hands of a competent person is nothing short of miraculous. Your work certainly meets that definition.

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Thanks for the compliment, @mmarcovitch. :slight_smile:



Thank you. it is truly helpful

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