Textures will not export into a 2D graphic

Please help,
My PNG textures that look great in the model do not export into the 2D graphic. Only a color similar to the texture appears.
I’m on a MAC 10.9.5 work computer, and I just downloaded the latest 2016 SketchUp Pro.

what format are you exporting to?

if it’s a vector format you will only get flat colours, if it’s raster you’ll see texture…

can you share the skp file…


I’m exporting to a PDF.
I haven’t used SketchUp in a bit, but I used to do this for years…
Thanks for the fast response, I’m new to this community, but I’ll try to attach it after I send this response.
Thank you!

I just exported on a smarter laptop and there was no problem.
So thanks again for trying to help me.
(But I couldn’t actually find out how to share my file with you- does it have to be a link?)

export to tiff and convert to PDF in Preview will give the highest quality PDF with texture…

PDF export is now vector on a mac which gives much nicer lines…

was that a PC?

you need 3 or 4 post then theres an upload button…


It wasn’t a PC, just an older Mac OS X 10.9.5.
Ahhhh, ok for a minute there I was feeling highly unintelligent.