Textured 3D Printing

I wanted to make some “Anarchy” earrings and I wanted them to be “rough” looking to match the typical stylized “A”:


I imported a 2D image to get the outline and then created a randomly bumpy surface on top and bottom. An inch in diameter, they were 3D printed by Shapeways in sterling silver. I ordered two of them with slightly different finishes to compare the results:

IRL, they look thin and cheap, so I’m doubling the thickness and adding a loop for the final version.


How are you planning to attach them to the ears? Also, I like the second finish better because the edges are more rounded.

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I’m adding a loop for some standard hooks like this one:



Nice effect,how did you do that?

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I used a simple plugin that creates a pseudo-random mesh of triangles. I Push/Pulled the 2D outline to create the thickness and then intersected it with the mesh:

The result is some 19,000 entities for the surface.

Here’s another application of the same bumpies plugin:

Plugin: https://sites.google.com/site/spirixcode/code/spirix_bumpies.rbz


Nice effect.