How would one engrave(push pull) straight lines that "wrap" around a curved object?

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Seeing how high the precision that we are seeing from 3d printing I was thinking of experimenting with texture on a surface. In Italian engraving, they hand engrave small straight lines to create texture called “Rigato”. A skilled person, (which I am not), can hand engrave straight lines small enough to give metal a silk-like texture. It’s amazing to see metal that has a sheen to it just like Silk. 3d Printing is not quite good enough to exactly replicate this yet but… a very close and similar texture can be had I believe since my Shapeways printing has been coming back at decent .2mm to .5mm resolution. (They can print .2mm resolution but the wax models are delicate at that size and get destroyed if you touch it).

I’ve been thinking of how it would be possible to make engraved straight lines that go all the way around a curved object. The idea is to make even spaced engraved lines that go lengthwise (parallel with the long dimension) of this anchor chain. The engraved lines I want to try would be .75mm wide and the same deep. The only inkling of how to do it that I can think of so far, is to perhaps make even spaced copies of skinny “cutting objects” and set anchor chain inside of them and then “intersect with model” to create the lines across the curved surface. Then maybe use Joint Push/Pull?

But even with this idea, I’m not sure if it’s ideal or will work because I’m not sure if I would have enough edges when I go to push/pull?

I was hoping any experts would care to share how they would place even spaced engraved lines around a curved object?

Doing this is relatively easy:

… but only on straight bars: just copy the top circle down using the array, then select the “inside” ones and use the scale tool to shrink them. (I would probably only do one then make it a component, and array it.)

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Perhaps the most direct route would be to draw the cross section and use Follow Me. Sometimes its easier and faster to redraw the entire section than it is to modify what you’ve already drawn.

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I had a feeling you experts would go this route. I will try this as well.

Thank you.