Custom brims on imported stl files

Ok, so i am in need of a quick way to add a thin brim (not skirt) on an imported stl file in sketchup so when the file is imported into the slicer, it has its own brim. Reason being, i have a few parts that do not need nor do i want a brim on them, but i have a part in the print batch that needs a brim. I do not want to print on a raft. I just want to add a brim to the object:)

should i just copy the current bottom face, then scale it and attach it to the part?


i use ideamaker for my slicer, not cura. i hate cura haha

If I needed to do something like that I wouldjust place the solid object on a simple solid share. Here is thin cylinder drawn under the part. Two separate objects.
Screenshot - 8_11_2022 , 6_28_18 PM

After importing into the 3D print application:

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i was thinking of using this makeshift “raft” but wasnt sure if it would remove easily. Have you 3d printed a part like this before?

sometimes i use mouse ears, but placing them can take time in the slicer, when adding a full brim around the part in SU seems easier.

With your example above, i would only make it 1 or 2 layers thick and probably use a checkered pattern for the infil…

thanks for this idea:)

That was just a quick example. I’d make the base thinner and/or make smaller ears. The point is that you don’t have to edit the component to add that stuff. As long as they are solid and are touching the component you should be good to go.

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fancy brim i made for kicks and giggles. i like your method, it works great as well. gives alot of bed adhesion for prints and peels off easily since it is only 1 layer thick.
fancy brim

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