Texture values wrong when opening SKP files on different computers

I have a model that has been worked on by 3 people over the course of a project and only when it comes to opening it on my computer does things start to go wrong.
The workflow is as follows:
SKP is created by colleague A who has no problem editing and no textural difficulties.
SKP is then passed on to colleague B who does minor edits to the model without touching the texture values and also has no issues.
SKP is passed on to me to set lighting and prepare for rendering – texture values of two major textures are warped. We have one texture which is a solid dark grey that is supposed to have the values HLS 0,0,26, but when I open it on my machine the values have shifted to HLS 0,0,57. And if I save the file without any modification it will overwrite the values from the previous two users.
This has happened before with a few different projects too and it seems that my machine is the only one out of the 8 that does this texture value shifting.

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