Texture lagging on my Mac

I am just doing the tutorials from the SketchUp site. When I tried to import this wood texture for the floor it seems to be lagging. I am wondering if it is a problem with my computer. I have a 2021 MacBook pro with 64gb of memory. The texture is not fully showing up. there are white lines throughout and when I move around the model it is lagging.

That looks like Z-fighting. Two faces in the same location and the graphics card trying to figure out which one is supposed to be on top. Removing one face would take care of that.

Does the performance improve if you change the face style to Monochrome? If it does, it’s likely that your model with the materials displayed are overloading the graphics card a little.

Can you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you have going on?

Or then the model is very large or very far from the model origin point. Z-fighting, to me, tends to have a “finer grain”. Those jaggy edges, too, look rather like a model extents issue.

Did you import a DWG file to use as an underlay?

@DaveR Thank you! Yes I think it was having the 2 faces. I think one was left over from trying to do crown molding. I deleted it and now it renders fine!! Attaching the file just in case
01_Co-Work_2D Plan copy.skp (841.2 KB)

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Z-fighting it was.

Hi Anssi. It seems to be that I had two faces overlaid each other. As Dave pointed out above. Thank you!!

Good to know! I also just learned that term too. Thanks for your help!

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