Texture is cutting off



My texture keep making strange cuts. Another pattern start where the other ended. I have tried to make my texture source bigger, but that hasen’t really helped. It makes the same cut exactly where it did before. My width and height is bigger than the thing, that will be colored. Shouldn’t that make it stop doing that?


You texture has a finite size. If the face you are applying it to is longer than the texture, it will necessarily repeat. You can move the texture after right clicking as I showed you yesterday. You can also deform the texture to adjust the length of it but that may look less realistic.

In your case the texture isn’t long enough to cover the entire face so you will need to scale it or accept the repeat. If the texture was seamless, which yours isn’t, the repeats wouldn’t be as obvious.


Using tilable textures also solves this problem.


It does although for wood, it’s not very realistic. The better choice is to use an image that is longer than the face that is being textured. For example, here’s a teak “board” that’s almost 2.5 meters long.


Okay. Feel like these are kinda stupid questions once you answer them.


Sorry. In the future I’ll try to figure out how to make you use a whole bunch of tools and weird settings to solve the problem just so it seems more complex. Just kidding. :smiley: :smiley:

As they say, there’s no stupid questions.