Texture image not rendering on image export in SU

Why does my texture image not render on image export in SU?
The whole look is wrong, not at all the style that is active.

can you show an example of what you have on screen & what you get once exported ?

Did you chose jpg or pdf as export format ?

also make sure you don’t have zfighting planes like this :

It is not an issue with my set up or file it is a program issue.
Both are screen clips one from SU and the other the output from the same scene.

So you have this problem with any model you export an image from ?

What image format are you exporting to? Have you tried a newer version of SketchUp than 2019?
Note that EPS and PDF exports produce pure vector images, with no textures or shadows.

Yes using 2020, and yes the jpg was correct.
Why would the pdf not have textures? Every other time I export i get non vector content.
There must be a setting for that.


I am not a SketchUp employee so I don’t know the actual reasons, but it has been so for as long as I have been using SketchUp. I understand that the PDF and EPS exports are aimed for people who want to postprocess them in an illustration application like Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inkscape so they need vector art.
If you want a PDF with textures, use a PDF printer or send your model to LayOut and export it from there, keeping your viewports raster or hybrid rendered.