Textiles with Pattern repeat issues

If you applied the texture to the faces, you can resize the texture and stretch it out so it doesn’t repeat on the length. Is that what you want to do?

You mean by using the setting on the materials? Didn’t seem to work?

It will work.

If you do it there, click on the chain links to disconnect the width and height. Then adjust the appropriate one.

Or you can right click on the face, choose Texture>Position and drag the green pin.

Are your deck boards components? If so, your material is so limited in size, it’ll have to repeat somewhere.

Yes there componants let me try?

Unlinking didn’t work and then since the boards are all components would have to explode before using texture buttons

guess I could explode and then repaint every so many in a row and match them - will take some time :slight_smile:

It will work. Why would you have to explode the components to use the texture control? If you applied the material to the faces in the component, just open the component for editing so you can access the face.

You could rotate instances of the component so the repetition isn’t so obvious. You could also use Make Unique on some of them and adjust their texture position separately. You’ve made the texture so large you can get three or four board widths out of the texture.

You could do that if you like to work harder.

I use long textures to help avoid the repetition and I usually have between three and six “boards” from the same log and each one is 8 to 14 feet long depending upon the species. So I can pick out sections from the different textures get a better rendition of the wood.