Textiles with Pattern repeat issues

My company manufactures upholstery textiles and I am trying to upload a product to SketchUp to create a model that has a pattern. Whenever I add the file of the pattern to SketchUp and try to apply it to a piece of furniture the pattern appears distorted on the piece of furniture. Is there a specific way to upload images of the pattern textile to avoid repeat issues so that it appears correctly on furniture?

“Distorted” doesn’t tell us much about the cause of the problem.
Might you share the model so we can see and work with it?

If you are applying the texture to a component or group, you may be looking at a form of texture wrapping.
Instead, you will want to go into the component or group and apply the texture to the raw geometry.


this is what the pattern should look like

Can you please share the model?

The appearance of the pattern on the cushions indicates the components/groups have been scaled without updating the definition. Drill down to the lowest level of the component, right click on it and choose Scale Definition.

Untitled.skp (1.2 MB)

How do I update the definition?

See above.

Also, you’ve applied the material to the component “containers” which isn’t a good idea. Instead you should be applying the material to the faces inside the containers so you have some control over the positioning.

Generally you’ll find it easier to handle your models if you open components for editing and scale the geometry instead of scaling the containers, too.

Just as Dave mentioned

… and to add more clarification to what you were seeing…

Since the sub components were scaled or stretched in a direction, the texture applied to the faces were stretched with them. By selecting the Scale Definition, this reassigns the component scale factor to 1 and the textures are reapplied with the same scale of 1


Wow, awesome !! Thank you so much.

Another question I have: I want to add just the textile images as models to my 3dwarehouse for our clients to use. I know that they have to be in SKP format but how do I create a collection of textile patterns in sketchup to upload to my 3dwarehouse for clients to access and use in SketchUp?

Just create faces (probably squares) and apply the materials to them. You can dowwnload existing textures or colors from the warehouse to see how the file is structured

Piggybacking on Dave’s suggestion… again…

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You can use the same technique for repeating for wood say on deck boards?
thanks, Billy

What technique?

Setting the scale definition?

like here