Text-string error

I’m having a recurring issue with text strings. Whenever I try to input a string of text, for example in an IF-function, Sketchup returns it as en error. I’m thinking this might be a bug, because I can open other files that have attribute formulas using strings and these work fine. What am I missing here?

(In this particular case I want to trigger an error-message in the description to indicate size limitation. In the formula for error_z I reference to LenZ.)

string test.skp (185.5 KB)

Your error z has curly quotes, while ok has one curly and one straight quote symbol.

Ruby strings don’t understand curly quotes.

Go to your Mac Settings/Keyboard/Text and uncheck “Use smart quotes and dashes” then retype your quotes.

PS. It would be helpful for future topics if you would update your profile to indicate which version of Mac OS X you are using. It sometimes makes a difference.

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Thanks @john_mcclenahan! This solved it. Never would have known this was the issue.

Been there myself!