DC #-Symbol Error



Does anyone know how to fix and what a red pound (#) error means when working with DCs?

I’m using the “Nearest” function.
It works in one component and doesn’t when pasted into another.
I’m changing a couple parameters in the second component (LenX to LenZ) and (“36,48” to “72,84”).

Here are the functions:
Copied function (works): =NEAREST(CURRENT(“LenX”),36,48)
Pasted function (does not work): =NEAREST(CURRENT(“LenZ”),72,84)
Error Pasted function: #=NEAREST(CURRENT(“LenZ”),72,84)

I get a red “#” at the beginning of the function and the component does not honor the function.

I appreciate any help. Searching this issue is eating my lunch. I will also attach a sketchup file with the issue.


John Dunn

Dynamic Component Question.skp (2.5 MB)


It looks like you are a victim of Mac Smart Quotes.

This topic has some tips for turning them off:

Update DC and preserve attributes

In the pasted line with the error, those aren’t quotation marks around “LenZ”, they are ‘smart quotes’, and SU wants standard, non-smart quotation marks.

I’ve heard of things like this for people on Mac (as your profile says you are), but since I’m PC based, I can’t suggest a solution other than highlighting them individually and typing a quote.


Whew! You guys are awesome.
Thank you for your help; it worked.

I was trying to get deep in dynamic components a month ago, and left out of frustration.
I’m back in the game.

Thanks again - John


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