Text connected to the model in layout

I am in the process of detailing several similar details and I would like to copy the text from one detail and use it on another. My process so far is to select all the text, create a group, copy and past the group then go into each leader and reconnect it to the model. This is pretty time consuming and was wondering if anyone has a faster was to get this done.

Thanks in advance for the help

I’m not entirely following what you are trying to do but you could use components instead of groups, add the text to the Description field, and then use the Auto-text feature for the label.

Why not put the text in the Scrapbook?

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Basically I am trying to copy the annotations from one detail and use them on another detail to save time. When I do this I am finding that the leaders don’t connect to the model. I am having to go into each leader and move it to a new spot in order for it to connect to the model.


I have a plan text and leader text in a scrapbook so my setting are correct. Are you suggesting to have every annotation I would use within a scrapbook? If so this would be a lot of individual text that would be hard to tell one from another within the scrapbook window.

Open the scrapbook page for editing. It will be on a separate tab that you can zoom in on. Copy and paste then add a leader.