Text and materials in a component

This seems like a basic thing, but perhaps my search-fu is defective. Apologies if it’s obvious to more experienced users.

I have a few components that consist of simple boxes with colors and materials. For a new project, I want to create a few one-off components based on them, with some additional text (3D, extruded, 0" height) added. Example below.

I would like to make the bounding box of the text a contrasting color so that the texture on the face of the component is obscured, making the text more readable. Is there a way to do this?

I forgot to mention: the component is assigned to a defined level - these “boxes” live at three levels in the model. It seems to me that I should be able to define levels for the individual objects in a collection of objects before selecting all of them and creating a component from that set, then assign the component to a level for the model.

Can you share the file? I don’t quiet understand what are you trying to do, you can apply materials to the text as well, if you want to make changes just to a few ones select them, right click and make unique.

Sure. I’ve removed everything except an example component. I want the text “GREEN” to show up better against the other stuff on the faces of the component. The way it appears on the wavy lines is okay, but against the arrows is problematic for those who have to read printed versions of the final PDF document out of Layout.

ARDS_20230922_S2_testForForum.skp (618.0 KB)

One method - you will need two materials

Thanks, but one question: how are you drawing the rectangle in the first seconds of the video?

With native Offset tool Offsetting a Line or Shape | SketchUp Help

Basics of SketchUp at learn.sketchup.com


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