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Hi Everyone

To all those woodworkers out there using Layout for shop drawings I have made a little side business selling plans and I’m struggling to make a template I am not sure what information to put on them

Just curious what the woodworkers are doing


What sort of information are you thinking of?


Project name , what’s displayed on the page , business name , author, I don’t need a lot of information because I don’t want to take up too much of the page … I’ve placed it on the bottom and the sides I don’t know it just needs to contain project info and look professional


Perhaps create a front page that has content like the project name, Your name, your business name, contact information, copyright and that sort of thing. That page might also get overall views of the particular project when you create the plan. the rest of the pages would get page numbers, project name, company name, copyright, etc. Maybe something like this. This is only a quickie. I didn’t get fancy with it, clearly.

This is the front page of a plan I made up recently.


Thanks Dave I am working on one right now


I really like that


do you find landscape or portrait works best for plans?


It depends. For some clients I always do landscape orientation. For others, portrait. I think for the tables the portrait orientation worked better when showing the parts. Actually for a lot of woodworking projects I think portrait can work better. Here’s another one I did.


Ah yes, the classic coffee stained version. I know that one well.


The plans I’m making is not client based more random consumers
… Maybe I should make a couple of templates in each and merge them into one plan at the end
Portrait for front, landscape for step by step


I would recommend not doing that. Don’t make the viewer rotate pages.


oh ok… so pick one format and stick with it…
Ill show you one I made tell me your honest opinion…check your in box


That would be my recommendation. Be consistent from plan to plan so there’s a sort of branding based on the overall appearance of the plans.


hmmm… ok… got to go knackered tired. Thanks Dave I hope you have been well


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