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Has anyone had any luck purchasing under a tax exempt status? Unfortunately as a government entity I am only allowed to purchase with no taxes. I have sent several contact request over the last month but no replies and with no phone number I am stuck.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

would surely make sense for this type of request to denote where you are residing.

Yes, sorry United States

Contact Options

Thanks for the effort and time, that is what I have been trying with several different contacts just to get a response. But, still nothing

Hi @paul8 I don’t have any way of looking your request up in our ticket system with the information provided in this post, but I definitely want to help! In order to be set up as a tax exempt customer (if you aren’t already), please contact us here to establish your tax exempt status. Once you have established your company with us as being tax exempt, you can place tax exempt purchases. Please note that for tax exempt orders to be accepted online, the order billing email must be from the domain: “", and the tax exempt box must be checked with your corresponding tax exempt number that you submitted when you applied for tax exempt status through us.

Thank you for replying, I have done those items some time back but I did it again this morning.

@paul8 Thank you for submitting your request today. I found it! It looks like we replied to you on January 24, 2018 and January 29, 2018 requesting that you submit your tax exempt certificate. When you submit your tax exempt certificate, please be sure and name “Trimble Inc.” as the company vendor for SketchUp. I will reply to the ticket you submitted today with this request to expedite this process and get the ball rolling for you - look for an email from in the next few minutes. Please make sure that the domain * is whitelisted on your end. The license information template we send out contains executable links to our product download and may be getting flagged as spam by your internet service provider. Sometimes emails get spammed at a higher level than your email client (Outlook, gmail, etc.) and you need to ask your domain administrator or ISP (Internet Service Provider) to white list *

Thank you for all your help, I believe we are on the right track now.

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