Tapered Brick Chimney

I am using OOB to clad a flat surface with bricks then curve it into a tapered chimney.
I can curve it but either the top or bottom will end up elliptical.
Is there a way to do this as OOB will only clad flat surfaces.

Thanks Eddy

Chimney.skp (985.0 KB)

With Flowify plugin: Chimney-flowify.skp (2.5 MB)

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Thank you mihai. Next job get my head around flowfiy.


It’s easier than many think IF you follow the instructions from the plugin author Caul…


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Truebend will do it, you just have to think about it the right way. But it all depends on what result you need/what is the end product?
By making your bricks as a rectangular panel then setting it at an angle you can then bend it seamlessly. I’ve done this as 360 but you can do 180 or just segments if you want. It all depends on how you want the bricks to behave. I’ve used a couple of keyboard shortcuts here for speed, but done properly it ends up as a solid.
Tapered brick


Thanks Box. Another plugin I love. The only problem is the bricks go out of scale smaller at top larger at bottom. Not sure if if will notice, it will be 3d printed for my model railway.

Which is why I said it depended on the end use. You can adjust the brick courses to account for the variation top to bottom, pretty much the same way a brickie would have to do. Detail depends on what you need and what you can be bothered making.