Tape Measure tool! What's up with the block?


I am trying to add lengths into the prompt box for the tape measure tool but I can not. What is up with that? Is there something that I need to un block


What exactly are you trying to do? Place guidelines? Guide points?

What’s with your responses to Graphics card and Operating system in your profile? Those don’t help you or anyone.


Going on you profile answers I’m reluctant to bother answering.
But… don’t try clicking in the box, instead, start an action let go of the mouse, type what you want and hit enter to confirm.
Then spend some time learning how things work.


I am very aware of how the measurement tool usually works and I have drawn out many plans using it. But all of a sudden my ability to type in the exact measurement into the prompt box stopped working. If I use the measuring tape and pull it across the screen the dimentions appear in the box but for me to access that box and dial in a specific measurement I get no response. That is my problem.


You have to look at your computer’s specifications.

Maybe you could provide a screen shot showing what is happening or provide us with a sample SKP file that illustrates the problem.

Is it possible you just have guidelines turned off so they don’t show?


In a few minutes I’ll have the graphics card up and operating system and then we can continue, thanks for your help so far.


Okay I added the useful info. Now can we discuss how to make the tape measure tool dialog box respond?


Did you read my last post? Is it possible you just have guidelines set to not show?


I am not sure, how do I check that?


Look in the View menu to start. Is there a check mark by Guides?


Yes, there is a check mark by the guide


Does anything happen at all when you type? Check to see that you’ve got your NumLock engaged.



How do I check to see if the NumLock is engaged?


This is a function of your keyboard. Numlock controls whether your numeric keypad issues numbers or navigation controls. You want numbers, which is NumLock=on. There’s a NumLock key, which toggles the NumLock state off and on, and there should be an illuminated indicator somewhere that glows when NumLock is engaged. This behavior of computer keyboards has been with us since the first IBM PC.



Here’s another thing to test: does input to the measurement box work for any other tools? For example, if you draw a line can you type its exact length? This test will expose whether there is a basic problem getting keyboard input to SketchUp or something specific to the Tape Measure tool.


Gully was right, it was the NumLock which was engaged. Thank you for your help.


I’m having the exact same problem.

Everything was fine until I updated to the new 2017 version of Sketchup,

And this is a huge deal for me… I scale my plans all the time using the tape measure tool, and I’m stuck I can’t now… Please someone help.


Hey there, click ctrl after clicking on the tape measure tool… The little plus sign will go away and then it should work.