Taking SketchUp Pro to the Next Level - files

I just purchased the book by Aron Dietzen. Now I’m trying to practise on chapter 3. Attempts to download the example file accordingly fails and shows only the “empty” vignet - no matter how I type the namr or the url complete (p.59)! Pretty annoying as I succeeded on chapter 2 a week ago!

Open the 3D Warehouse UI in SketchUp and search for Taking SketchUp Pro to the Next Level - Chapter 3 in Models. You can download the file right into Sketchup.

When you’re ready for Chapter 4 use the same search but change the chapter number.

@TheOnlyAaron, you might want to fix the preview for Chapter 4. It’s blank.

Downloading it into SketchUp does show the model stuff.

Huh… I must have made an update and not zoomed out or something… or the gremlins in 3DWH decided to mess with me

Thanks, Dave! I will take a look!!


Yeah, I tried that - but the reason I connect here is that no matter what - I get this desatisfying result!

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(A detail might be I’m a Danish citisen normally living in Copenhagen - now on holiday in Brazil)

Try it from the 3D Warehouse interface inside of SketchUp and include all of the text I showed in italics.

I have tried this and gives the previous empty result.
When omitting the Chapter number I see only files for Chapter 13, Chapter5 and Chapter 2:

It shouldn’t have anything to do with your location but maybe it does. It looks like you added a hyphen after the word Chapter. With no hyphen after ‘Chapter’ and no chapter number I see this.

Maybe @TheGuz has some insight.

…yeah maybe…( I always like a little hypen once and a while ;-)) Seems you did a reset and after logon I received the Chapter 3!

I’m not sure what you mean. I didn’t reset anything.

Leaving out the extra hyphen got it sorted?

Good that you can proceed.

Well after receiving the email I was forced to logon - wich I enterpreted as a reset of my profile.
The remark on the hypen was just a bad joke - as I never notised I might have typed it. But anyway - loading the 3D warehouse now and typing “taking SketchUp Pro” now lists Chapters 2, -4, -5, -13 and -3 along with “Creating a Kalasnikov”, “Bounce Tower” and “Split-Level House”! Thats even more that I had been bargain for!