Tags gone missing when published from SU Pro to Trimble Connect

Hi, I have been posting quite some time now models to Trimble Connect via my Windows SU Pro version as I find it handy to open up my models ‘on the fly’ on my iPhone 13 using the Sketchup app.

When I open up a model on my iPhone 13, via the SketchUp app, then I am missing parts of my models. After some investigation and comparing the used tags in the file opened up on my iPhone versus the used tags in my Windos SU Pro instance then I noticed that randomly tags are missing or not being copied across to Trimble Connect.

I then opened up the same model via Trimble Connect on my Windows PC and I do see the same thing happening (some tags have disappeared - same tags as I do not see on my iPhone 13).

I then opened up the exact same model in SU Pro on my windows PC via the OPEN MODEL (Open a model stored in Trimble Connect) and again the same tags are missing.

Luckily I always store all my models locally before publishing and when I open up the same model from my local storage then every tag is still there and visible.
I then click PUBLISH MODEL (update or save the current model to Trimble Connect).

I do realize that syncing with the Trimble COnnect server takes some time but when I go back in Trimble Connect after a few hours, then still tags are missing.

I have seen this happening with many of my models.

My iPhone is running the latest iOS (15.6.1) and my Windows SU Pro is also the latest version 22.0.354

Does anyone have any idea what is happening or what I can check / verify on my end?

I found the issue. Apparently Trimble Connect somehow does not work smoothly with COMPONENTS in models. When I changed all my components to UNIQUE, EXPLODE and created a GROUP then Trimble Connect displays my models correct and flawless.

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