Taggin issues in SU2023

Seams there is an issue when assigning a tag to objects in SU2023. I can change them to tags that are not currently the active tag (the tag new objects will be assigned to), but it is not possible to assign objects of a tag that is not the currently active tag to the active tag. I have to first make a different tag the active tag, then I am able to assign the objects to the desired tag. After that I can make my desired tag the active tag.

That’s not how you should use tags.

Unlike 2D CAD softwares, we don’t actually need to work on an active tag :

The best practices in sketchup are what follows :

  • Have the “untagged” tag as active. at all times. unless you know what you’re doing - after 15 years I still use untagged.
  • create your other tags as needed.
  • select your groups and components and tag them.

To avoid visual problems, you should always have your raw geometry as “untagged”, and only tag groups and components.

Unlike CAD softwares where you would go to a specific Layer then work, then another layer, then work… here we don’t have layers. So we simply work, and tag objects as we go.

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This is actually how I do it. My default tag is “untagged”, and I have a tag that has dashed lines. I can tag “untagged” objects just fine, but if I need to “untag” already tagged objects (assign them to the untagged tag) I need to first set a different tag as active, or the object simply does not change tag back to untagged.

You don’t need to change the active tag. Just select the objects you wish to remove the tags from and choose Untagged in the Tag drop down list in Entity Info. Leave Untagged active at all times and leave edges and faces untagged. If your model has a bunch of tagged edges and faces use Default Layer Geometry from Sketchucation to quickly correct that throught the model.

That is where I am having a problem. When I go to the drop down menu to untag an object (I am using the Tags toolbar, since the Entity Info in trays will move with scrolling) it does not get untagged. I checked, and using the drop down menu in Entity Info does work, but so should the drop down in Tags. In SU2022 this was not a problem.

Maybe this is a Windows thing? I just verified that you can change the tag of selected groups without changing the active Tag. I had no problem on Mac. @DaveR do you have an issue on Windows?

Yeah. Actually I do see it on Windows. I normally don’t waste toolbar real estate on the Tags toolbar so I’ve never experienced it before.

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Does it happen if you use Entity Info?

Nope. Works as expected.

This is how I always change tags.

So… seems like this is an issue SPECIFICALLY with the Tags drop down on Windows. I wonder if @colin knows about this?

Wohh, thank god I haven’t upgraded to 23 yet, I practically live in the Tags Toolbar.
I’ll be watching this thread to see WHEN (better not be ‘if’) its fixed.

Good question. Maybe we should wake him up and tell him. :wink:

You make it sound like I get up late!

Checking into it…

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Sorry. I just guessed you might have a lie in now and again. :smiley:

and another thingy
I along with some users get caught out at times when I have objects on tags - tag, tag1 and tag2 - I select all objects and as expected Entity Info shows blanked out due to several tagged objects selected - But the Tag Toolbar always shows untagged - I would love that toolbar to be blank too.

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The same steps in 2022 show the same problem. It’s ok in 2021.

I couldn’t find an exact bug report about this, and the issue is still happening in the latest builds that I have. I made a new bug report, SU-54037 in our system.

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