Tag list order

Now that you can nest tags, I have noticed that when you turn a tag off, its position in the list changes. It gets automatically sorted to the top of its level. I am not sure what benefit that confers but I presume it is written in and cannot be changed?

Change the sort to name rather than visibility.

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Cheers. So simple!

What @Box said. On the PC there’s the mark next to the the Name heading indicating sort by name. I would expect it on the Mac, too.
Screenshot - 7_1_2021 , 7_37_16 AM

When I did what Box suggested, a mark appeared. But as you can see from the screenshots above, it wasn’t there before I did that. Logically, it should have shown in the visibility column header initially.

The visible and color columns on Mac are less wide than on Windows. I will check if that’s a known issue, that perhaps it’s not wide enough to show the sort direction arrow. As Simon mentioned, the arrow does appear in the name and stroke columns.

And of course you can’t alter their width. So if something would show if the column were wider, it has been automatically suppressed by the dictates of the system.