Tablet for Sketchup viewer

Hallo, I’m writing to have suggestions for a Xmas present.
A friend of mine uses Sketchup and I would like to buy a tablet to view his projects. He would just need the tablet to open the projects, so he would just install the viewer.
Could anyone suggest a tablet a could buy? Unfortunately my budget is only around 100 euro, so if I don’t find anything compatible I will buy him something else.
Thank you for your help


the Lenovo Tab 4 8" Android (QuadCore, 16 GB, WiFi) is around U$ 120.-.

SketchUp Viewer for Android

ok thank you very much, and what do you think about this one

it has 4gb ram and MT6592 Octa Core my only concern is the graphic card, I’m not sure is enough to visualise the projects

or even this one

2 gb ram

same doubts

thanks again you are giving a great help

dunno the brand.

If you are adventurous and seeking for the smallest price check GearBest for lot’s of mostly unknown China stuff.

Delivery will need some time and customs duty may/will arise, returning if not satisfied or getting support might be an issue too.

I know, you are right, they have no brand and I cannot be sure of what they are… nevetheless the price is tempting… I will think about your lenovo, although I would have preferred something bigger…

thank you!

the Lenovo is also available as a 10" device… but not for 100 bucks.

I’ve seen, there is a 10" but the price is a bit too high, it has to be a second device to use Sketchup and I don’t want it to be too expensive… :slight_smile:

I use an ASUS 10" zenpad 16GB Viewer actually works better on my Samsung S6

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