Samsung Tablet Viewer compatibility?

Hi there!
I just bought a refurbished Samsung tablet for use with SketchUp viewer while in the shop.
I know nothing about Android devices anymore, and apparently this device is not compatible with the viewer app in its current state.
I’m wondering if it is possible to make it compatible with SketchUp viewer through updates to different operating systems, or some other method.
If not I need to return this for an alternative.
I have included a screen shot of the tablets information.
Any help would be appreciated!

Looks like Android 6.0.1 or later is required.

Did you click on Software update and see if the OS can be updated ?

I would definitely recommend this. The tablet you purchased is several years old running an operating system released 6 years ago.

Considering how affordable they are, it’s best to get a current model for tablets. Even a refurbished one.

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Thank you both for the responses.
I’ve returned the tablet and ordered one that should work.


My S4 works great with SU viewer, never leaves my side, view my models on the fly, palm swipe for an image capture and share straight into Sketchbook for hand rendering or markups…
Then share straight into email for client response…

I have not printed a paper document or bought detail paper in over 4 years

I don’t really understand how an architect could not have a pen based tablet…

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