Tablet compatible?

Isn’t my.Sketchup intended to be tablet compatible?
It could be an app

Does your tablet have a browser? My.Sketchup is browser based.

With that being said, the SketchUp people aren’t supporting tablets (yet). At 3DBasecamp, within 3 minutes of the announcement, I tried it on my Android tablet (high res, running Android 6) and it didn’t go well. Biggest problem? Parts of the interface were off the screen! I couldn’t Zoom!

I showed it to a few SU peeps and, while they couldn’t come out and say it, I got the impression that they do want it to work on tablets - but they’re waiting for functional problems to work themselves out on full (desktop and laptop) browsers before they tweak it to work acceptably on tablets.

I would not mind if the app can divine when it is running on a tablet and change it’s features for touch, but in no way would I wish for desktop browser user to be forced to use a tablet or mobile interface.

Perhaps a toggle under the slide out SketchUp panel ? (… as some “detachable” devices can act both ways.)