Table design

Hey sketchup so I have this table that looks like this and the bottom portion is suppose to be wavy as such but the only problem is it should start small at the bottom and become bigger as it goes along. Would anyone have an idea of how to do this? Or what is the best way and command to tackle this problem because I’m really uncertain. Thanks!

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What does this mean? Can you show an example of a curve that does what you are trying to accomplish?

i dunno how else to explain it on the table on the left the wave becomes bigger as it moves to the right side although it doesnt have the thickness of the table leg. How do I get it to do that? Not sure if I’d draw it if it would help explain?

Something like one of these?

As for giving the wave thickness, start with one sine curve, use Offset to create a “parallel” curve. Connect the ends to create a face for the side thickness of the curve and Push/Pull to give it the width.

okay in plan view its like this and opps i meant to say that the leg of the table becomes wider so it starts off with a small width and becomes larger as it goes

Like this then?

Exactly how do i do this?

I think the follow me command would be better no?

After drawing the sine curve and making it 3D, I used the Box Tapering tool from Fredo6’s Fredoscale tool set to create the taper.

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Okay where do i locate sine curve and the box tapering tool? I have Fredo6 but i think i only have joint push pull and vector push pull not tapering

I drew the sine curve using the Sine Curve tool in Curvemaker which is available in the Extension Warehouse or from Sketchucation. Fredoscale is also available from the Extension Warehouse and Sketchucation.

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As an alternative to the Box Taper, you could draw cutting planes at the desired angles and intersect them with the curve. Then erase the waste.


But if i do the two angled boxes like this to erase the outside part, how do i make the selection so that i only select the outer portion of it? wont it select the whole top part of the curve and delete that as well?

Maybe I don’t understand what you’re asking. After you intersect the faces with the curve geometry, you can erase the geometry outside the cutting planes and leave the tapering curve.


okay so once i angle them then i have to click both rectangles and intersect faces with the curved object then delete the excess thats outside

Yes. I would select all, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Selected. Make sure all the geometry is in the same context. If the sine curve is grouped or a component, place the cutting planes inside the group/component before doing the intersect.

You’ll make it easier toselect and erase the waste if you make the curve wider than you need it to be when finished. Don’t be stingy with the width. There’s no charge for disposing of the waste.

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Thanks so much DaveR for the help I really appreciate it! Everything worked as planned! :slight_smile:

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This table has very interesting base. I wonder if someone could show the entire work process using scenes as a practice . Thank you for your time.

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OK, from now on, I’m going to ask people Dave helps to binge-watching Classic Woodworking - FineWoodworking and order at least one of his plans. :slight_smile:


Someone could do that when he gets the current project off is desk. :wink: