TAB button to move cursor to Dimension box is not possible in Sketchup 2022 for Mac?


When drawing a rectangle I used to be able to click one corner and then hover the next corner to a guide line without clicking and then I could press TAB to be able to move the cursor to the dimension box and then I could edit just one of the X or Y measurements without retyping the whole thing. Now with SK 2022 I find that I can’t press TAB to move my cursor and instead I have to type out both X and Y measurements.

It’s not a big deal but it kind of changes my workflow. Does anybody have any tips?

Two things:

  • You should never need to move the cursor to the measurement box, just let go of the mouse and type the value(s). Putting the cursor in the measurement box, whether by clicking there or pressing tab is not necessary and can cause errors.
  • It has always been possible to leave one of the values at its current value and set the other by typing the separator character (, or ; depending on your locale - whatever was shown as you move the mouse). For example, “36,” means substitute 36 for the first value and leave the second one as is, and “,15” means leave the first value alone and substitute 15 for the second one.

Thank you for the response! Your second point solved my issue.