System requirements ok? Please help me!

I am having some
problems on working smoothly on my machine when working on heavy scenes and
when rendering.

The machine, very often, pauses when rendering while working on a model or
doing other things.

I do have a slave machine to help me with the renders and in total when
rendering I get 16 no of buckets going.

My machine is

Precision T3600
Intel (R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 0 @3.60GHz 3.60GHz
64 bit OS
GPU Quadro K4000

What is your best recommendation to run a multitasking machine? Do I need more
RAM? More Cores? And what type of hardware do you recommend? CPU type, RAM
type, etc??

If you can come back to me ASAP that would be great as I need to get going
quickly with the renderings and modelling.

Thanks a lot!!

Just keep one core free for sketchup. At times when I am rendering and also working in Sketchup the rendering is taking all the cores and then Sketchup is sluggish. When I free a core up, sketchup is back to business.

How do you limit the number of cores when rendering?

It depends on the rendering package you are using. Look at its preferences window. It is not something controlled by SketchUp.


As Anssi said, or go to the Task manager and right click on the rendering process and select Set Affinity and uncheck one or two cores from it. I don’t know it will be remembered next time though, most likely not.
But you should have a setting inside the rendering program.

There are various factors that are responsible for malfunctioning and good functioning in system. And we should have brief knowledge about various things that increase and boost efficiency of our system and vice versa. So if you want to make your device more smooth for multitasking then you should read guiding tips, caution tips and more stuff from Dell Precision T3600 Manual . This will help you a lot in configuring your device. But still i want to share something interesting with you that rank your system working:

  • Choose System Tools, and then select Disk Defragmenter. You’ll probably have to put in your administrator password. Then hit Defragment Now. In Windows 8 your PC, laptop or tablet will defrag itself by default every week, thanks to the scheduled task: Optimize Drives.

  • Protect your computer from viruses and attacks. Microsoft Security Essentials is free, automated, and incredibly easy to configure.

  • Remove unnecessary programs and files.

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