Synoptic references on 3d View?

Hello someone know if exist, an extension for add references and annotation, via text, hyperlink, images, video directly on the 3D view?

I made a pict as example
I insert various points in the 3D scene, when i click one it shows me the editable info i entered earlier.

GoSu might do what you want.

Thanks now i try it.

Tried, but unfortunately it only links me out of Sketchup, is very unintuitive and confusing.
What i need is different, as the image, everything should remain in Sketchup whether it is a curtain window or a mobile one.

Comments perhaps.

Is your profile correct that you are using SketchUp Make?

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Thanks again, Comments is near to what i want, but… it doesn’tt works properly, it’s not usable.

I’ve been looking for months, the bad thing is that searching in google, youtube give me no results, and i have never found the plugs you mentioned, yet they exist, and they are close to what i want. So the plug i need maybe exist, but the search engines don’t help me.