Switching production to SU 2021, any serious outstanding bugs at this point?

With the recent release of Twinmotion for SU21 I am considering moving my workflow over to 21. Sketchup 20 has been fantastically stable and I am always wary of loosing time to unforeseen hiccups in extensions swap over or just newer version bugs. I’ve been using 21 on the side, setting it up and testing since it came out, all looks pretty good on my machine. Before I start moving current working files into 21 can anyone think of any serious problem yet to be solved for 21 that I should consider?

The biggest one I can think of is that “export selection” is broken for all file types. This will be annoying for .stl exports from larger assemblies, but I think I can live with it or go back to 20 if I need to do this for now.

There was a section fill bug with tags/visibility that I think got patched in the January release.
Also a Tag renaming problem with long names but I think that was only windows?

Anyone think of any other problems still outstanding? Particularly on Mac.


Install the .stl extension from the warehouse to cover this problem. It will add a separate Export stl in the file menu that does export selected.

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Oh yeah, the SketchUp team written one that added .stl to 17 Make. I can use that as a patch for 21.