Sketchup 2021- won't export current selection

I am trying to export specific elements in my sketchup model to put into my twinmotion file and when I select the light fixtures, go to export, “current selection”, then press go, it does nothing. No window comes up to show it is exporting. It must be a glitch.

I am able to completely export the entire file, but not current selections.


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I am having the same issue.

Are you using the twinmotion export plugin ?in that case epic games would be the guilty one.
You have different workarounds
First is to copy the selection and paste it in place in a new file, then export.
Another one would be (in SketchUp 2020 or older, because twinmotion can’t import 2021 skp files yet) to make a component out of the selection and right click and save as. You’ll get an .skp file that you’ll be able to import in twinmotion (twinmotion SketchUp import works quite well)

This error is not limited to TwinMotion - it would appear that exporting both OBJ and FBX with ‘Options > Export Selection Only’ will not export a file.

As with user ar01, full model export is working as expected.

I’m having this problem too - my only workaround is to open a new empty file and copy and paste in place and then export with the ‘export only current selection’ unticked. Make sure you’ve deleted Sumele (no offence Sumele!) It’s a royal pain in the bum and a weird bug that certainly wasn’t there before v2021 but it’ll have to do for now until they fix it.

There are several reports about STL exports with the same problem already too.

Yup, same isssue… very annoying, is there a fix yet?

We’re working on it! The internal bug number is SKOR-14316. Please keep commenting, any new people who are affected, so that we know the scope.
Meanwhile, the workaround seems to be to save the selected geometry into a separate SketchUp file and then export the whole thing without selecting anything.

I’ve run into it several times trying to get data out and into Rhino using OBJ. My work-around has been to copy my selection to a new doc and just save as an older SKP format.

Why would you want to do that when Rhino can read SKP directly (not the latest version)? OBJ is in many ways an antiquated format from the 1980s like 3DS:

Maintaining group/component hierarchy is really important, and so is extracting part of a much bigger model for use elsewhere…

  1. Most other apps don’t support the most current SU version file format so until SU 2021, the Mac version didn’t have version selection when using “Save a copy as…” So getting the whole model exported to an older format that was supported by another app was risky because you could accidentally save your current file as an older version, losing whatever differences there are between formats.

  2. Saving in the SKP format doesn’t let me choose a selection or subset of a much bigger model, so I have to copy and paste to a new file and then save that. And my transfers to another app usually require the coordinate systems to be the same, so with copy & paste I also have to make sure I either create something at the origin for reference, or use paste-in-place to keep the subset in the correct location. PITA when I only want the certain geometries transferred to another app to do something that SU can’t accomplish.

  3. Rhino is really hit-and-miss with grouping hierarchy, so it doesn’t always honor the hierarchy of groups and components from SU. Oddly, it’s worst with the native SU formats, but OBJ is simple and has been around so long that it’s extremely well supported. For accurate geometry that just needs to be transferred as trimmed planes in Rhino, it’s awesome. Sometimes, these older formats are far better that the new ones because you don’t always want all the cruft that comes along with the native formats. If younger developers would pull their heads out of their butts and put simple 3D geometry on the clipboard in a useful basic format, then moving data between apps would be far simpler than it is today using intermediate files… I feel like I’ve gone back in time 20 years having to save, name, open and delete intermediate files. Do a quick Google search for “OpenClip” and “WildTools” to see what I mean. I use this at times and it’s really nice to be able to copy and paste between apps like PowerCADD and formZ.

So that’s why old habits don’t die easily :slight_smile:


Is there a fix there for this yet!!!, the work around just a pain, having to hide everything and export is a nuisance and time consuming, better off to go the pervious version at this rate

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Same bug here. Went back to 2020… it was easier but that’s a shame. Love this software though! :slight_smile:

It is something on our list of things that need fixing.

It appears I have the same problem - but with stl and specifically, limited to one model in the file.
Only the original model (and copies of) won’t export - anything added to the file exports.
I can:
Create an additional cube, group it, and export it as an stl ok.
Delete everything but the required model, and it exports as an stl ok.
Copy to a new file and it exports no matter what the settings - as long as it’s the only model.
Copy the model or add anything else to the file, and it - or the copy - won’t export.

Upload the model that won’t export.

LucaKing_BootBush.skp (4.6 MB)
Extremely frustrating to have 5 minutes of modelling turn into a saga that has caused me to loose money on what should have been the most simple straight forward job.

Your profile says SketchUp 2019, but the file you gave is 2021. That does have a problem exporting the selection. If you still have 2019, Save As to 2019 from 2021, then do the export from 2019.

That works - thanks.
Sorry about that. I hadn’t updated my profile. I have 18, 19, 21

Thanks for the update of profile.

We have the 2021 issue fixed, and things will be back to normal with the next update. I can’t tell you when that will be!