Sketchup 2021- won't export current selection

I have this issue again (I think). This is more than frustrating!
The difference this time is that only some components in the file don’t export.
I have saved in 2019, and also exploded and regrouped one of the components. But still nothing happens when export is attempted.
As usual, this is part of a job needing completion now! So any clues would be appreciated.
The textured parts in the file export, the untextured parts don’t.
Premier_Flange_01_Images.skp (3.6 MB)

I’m not following what isn’t working, are you trying to export all or part?
I had no issue exporting these bits.

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They simply would not export in any format from the file, but I just found that if I copy each one individually to an empty file it will export, without the save only selected bits, checked.

There is something odd your end, I can export any or all of your model.

What version SU?


I see it is available - so I will update and see it that works.
Thanks for your help again.

The selection export bug was fixed in the latest update about a week ago. Update SketchUp and all should be well.

They didn’t fix the mirror bug in export though, so it is still useful to have the separate stl exporter.

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It seems to be working fine now, with the update done.