Cannot export to STL from Sketchup


I’ve got a problem that i don’t understand at all.
I created a shap in Sketchup 21.0 (Pro). Everything seams to be ok. Solid Inspector2 says that everything is Ok. I also cleaned up the shap with CleanUp3 but when i want to export to STL, nothing append. I click on “File/Export/ 3D Model” (“export selected” is checked in option and form is selected), no message, no error, but the file is never created.

This is the file i try to export as STL :
Neck.skp (1.2 MB)

Is someone can help me please ?



I believe there may be problem with “export selected” currently. Try de-selecting it. If your part is not the only thing in your model copy it into a fresh sketchup file and export from there.

@endlessfix may be right. I ran export with nothing selected and got this:

Neck.stl (344.7 KB)

wow. you are right, it’s work like this !
Shame on me i didn’t think about that …

Thank’s a lot !!!