Switched from Windows 10 to macOS

My windows laptop has been giving me grief lately and is about to be non-functional. Today I installed the MAC version of SU (17.3.116) and all the plugins I use. I moved over all my SU files and have been successful at opening and ensuring the plugins work. My MAC is High Sierra 10.13.6 version.

A couple things I see and am trying to figure out.

1 - printing templates in windows (parallel projection and a standard top view) I had a screen with numerous settings that I don’t see in MAC. The 3 screens I have are very limited (page setup, document setup, print). There is no print preview but when I hit print I see the preview - so I guess that is it? In the document setup screen I have the ability to set the scale but that’s it. I suppose I don’t need all the other settings that windows presented when I did a preview and then print, which always showed the same settings.

2 - confirming that the toolbar is at the top and only at the top, whereas windows had the large toolbar on the left side, MAC I guess did away with that and I am limited to piling the top with all my icons?

3 - I found the Model Info when I open my project but where are the general settings, preferences? Like where my files will be saved, setting the preferences in general? Model Info has a ‘file’ in the list but seems like it’s just for the current project I have open. The preferences or some such thing of items are missing and that was on another menu item.

4 - Entity Info - what happened to my nice “I can find components, layout, materials, etc”? In windows when I opened the entity there was a lot of other items at my finger tips. I don’t recall the first time using windows that I had to find and open all these things. Now all I get is the entity info and nothing else. Do I have to open them all individually, somewhere?

“Is change always better?” :slight_smile:

I will answer my own question

#1 I have yet to print a template and will update this when I figure out how to navigate it on the mac.

#2 I can only assume after working with it most of the day that the only toolbar is at the top. I downloaded Fredo LordOfTheToolbars and am hoping that this will allow me to group them together to utilize them as though they were docked.

#3 I found in the Sketchup menu drop down ‘preferences’. In windows it was in an entirely different place.

#4 am perplexed how to get this to all show up like it did in windows but it may be a lost format for mac

What do you mean by printing a template? You can print from your SketchUp models. I’m not sure what you are missing, though.

The only docked toolbar is the one at the top. Any other tool palettes will be floating. That’s the way it is on Mac. The same applied for the utility panels. You can dock them together but they will still be floating over the main SketchUp modeling space. There is no tray as there is on Windows.

That’s mainly an OS difference. On Mac the application’s Preferences will typically be found in the menu with the application’s name.

All of those panels are selected from the Window menu (except Colors–Materials on the PC) and as above, there is no tray like you are used to seeing. As I wrote, you can dock them together. You can collapse or open them by clicking on their title bars if you want.

Colors (Materials) will open when you select the Paint Bucket tool.

well that’s just special :frowning: Floating tools all over the screen. I got spoiled with windows and how it worked - just a slight learning curve with mac.

the set up in windows had all these options when printing and when doing a template the scale options at the bottom had other options.

appears in mac i only get the scale on this screen.

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 6.26.43 PM

Yeah. That’s what you get on Mac.

What template are you talking about. Are you just referring to printing to scale? The set up in SketchUp is the same but when you get to the Print screen, untick Fit View to Page and set the print scale as needed. Right now it looks like 1 in equals 1 meter.

seems you already have an overview over the few differences between the platforms.

One handy trick: Shift-A will show/hide all palettes, so you can easily go from a clean screen to all your sketchup palettes in place.

also: shift-command-C shows/hides the Colors palette, and command-T shows/hides the text palette.

Palettes all over the place was a fun Mac craze back in the day, like the mostly abandoned “ribbon” dead-end on the PC. Most Mac apps have abandoned it in favour of order, though. You can stack them under each other in sketchup, but its easy to argue that autohiding trays would probably be better.

yes templates as in printing full scale to paste on my wood projects.

I like the auto hide and use when needed. I will be creating a cheat sheet to get me through until I memorize these key strokes.

If you have to do that more than once in awhile you would benefit from having and using LayOut.

In the year(s) I have used SU I rarely print a template. I only did it this last time, if you recall I had issues starting out, because of the odd shape I wanted to be exact since I was making more than one. I am going through the SU on the MAC to make sure I know where everything is considering my quick exit from Windows and the need to keep moving forward with my home projects.