Survey Import Tutorial

Hello everyone. I purchased a Go subscription and am following some of the generic tutorials to figure out how to start working with the tool. I have a specific objective I’m hoping to accomplish and could use some advice on where to learn more about this particular topic.

I had a survey of a prospective build site on my property done and I have it as both a .txt file and a .dwg. The engineer has since retired due to health issues and is unreachable. I have imported the .dwg and with some laborious navigation I can get to the contour lines, but it’s so far from the origin it’s unstable. There is also some seemingly extraneous data in there?

The build site is rather contoured so I would really like to be able to have a simple rectangular prism that I can move around the site and see how that would affect the excavation and basement/foundation design.

Anyone have and videos or reading they would recommend?


If the imported geometry is the only thing in your model, to bring all of it closer to the origin…

select all and then follow the instructions in this video

This should make the contours usable

Hope this helps