Importing exisiting features survey .dwg

Hi all,

I’m working on modelling a revocation on our home on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I need to demonstrate boundary clearance for approval permits, so I’m looking to place the exisiting feature site survey into the model and dimension it on the documentation. The surveyor has provided me with a .dwg, however when I import it I can see anything. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or advice? Below is a link to .dwg survey.

Thanks for any help!

The .dwg is a bit of a mess, there are some entitles (one tree and two cross markers) very very far from the origin which makes the camera go haywire and the geometry tiny and basically invisible. I have erased the two offending bits and re-centered the remaining geometry on the SketchUp origin. This file should behave better.

dwg import fixed 3.skp (936.9 KB)

Thank you so much endlessfix!! That is perfect, I can work with that now. So much appreciated!

How did you location the geometry for in the model?

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You’re welcome. If you mean how did I find the missing geometry, I used a combination of outliner, selection boxes, copy/paste and magic. If you mean how did I place the geometry in my fixed file, I did so randomly near the origin.